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Best Lower Body Exercise Routines for Women

Women who want to lose weight and get in shape should focus on the lower body, says The magazine recommends Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor program to women who want to find the best lower body exercise routines.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- According to, Fat Loss Factor is a unique program designed to help women lose excess weight and tone their muscle within only 12 weeks. The publication says women will see visible results after the first days, but they will have to stick to the whole schedule if they want their results to last and to achieve the goals set by the program.

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Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program designed by Dr Charles Livingston, a medical researcher, nutritionist and chiropractor. The doctor is also a healthy living practitioner, which ambitioned him to try and find a program that will help women lose weight without having to starve themselves or resort to drastic diet plans and exhausting workout routines.

This does not mean women won’t have to work hard to reach the desired weigh, warns The magazine informs that the doctor’s program starts with a detoxifying phase that lasts two weeks and preps the body for the following ten weeks. In those ten weeks, equivalent to the second phase, women will basically adjust their lifestyle making it healthier.

There are several principles that women need to follow, including making some dietary changes. These changes imply the use of organic foods, fruits and vegetables instead of fast foods and sweets. Regarding the exercising plan, Dr Livingston has developed a series of high intensity cardio workouts and strength training routines that will help women burn calories and tone their muscles, especially in the lower body area. informs that Dr Charles’ method requires commitment and determination, but the doctor helps women with this hard part by providing tips on how to stay motivated, stop emotional eating, reduce stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. Fat Loss Factor is an excellent program for women who want to get in shape and tone their lower body, concludes the magazine.