Best Merchant Rates

Best Merchant Rates Protects Small Businesses

Helping small businesses everywhere avoid scamming merchant account providers, Best Merchant Rates provides the best credit card processing service around.


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Best Merchant Rates is ranked as one of the top merchant rate services for credit card processing services in Southern California. Servicing both big and small businesses for the past 8 years, Best Merchant Rates guarantees to beat any competitor's proposal or a free $500 will be awarded to the disappointed client. Their business assures that each of their clients will save money with every transaction. Best Merchant Rates protects small businesses through full disclosure and transparent pricing. Without any additional fees, no contractual obligation and free cancellation small businesses will not find another merchant account this flexible.

Best Merchant Rates CEO, Danny Choi based the design of his company, off of discouraging past experiences with merchant companies. Danny had undergone too many situations where credit card processing was made frustrating. He quickly decided to develop a solution for small business owners that would allow them more control of their monetary output. When creating Best Merchant Rates, Danny avoided the common misleading tactics used in the merchant account industry. Things such as the bait and switch, intentional confusion, over-promising, hidden fees and obnoxious sales solicitors were all methods he refused to incorporate into his business. His plan was broken down for each client in a simple, easy to understand way.

Best Merchant Rates Business Model:
Transparent Pricing:
Full financial disclosure, with absolutely no hidden fees in pricing.

Best Rate Guaranteed:
9 out of 10 small businesses save with us.

No cancellation fees:
Switching is easy, a client is never locked in and can leave whenever without penalty.

Easy to Switch:
Sign up online.
No paperwork.
A deal can be made in 24 hours.

No bank change:
Your business does not have to change banks.
Best Merchant rates deposits into each client’s bank account directly the next day.

Dedicated customer care:
Your customer care agent will never change.
The same agent will work with you through every issue.

Locked-in rates:
Rates will never increase.

Avoid over-spending on unreasonable fees. Small businesses struggle enough as it is to keep up in this corporate filled economy. Don't spend excess money on processing fees that don't actually cover any service. Most merchants processing companies have unexplainable transaction fees to make easy money off of small businesses. Don't be scammed, call or visit Best Merchant Rates today and receive a no obligation quote .

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