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Etobicoke, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- A new mom is always the most confused of all women. She has just been part of the miracle of life and does not know how to move from there. Her baby is the most precious thing to her and she wants to do everything to protect her child. Best New Moms Magazine, as its tagline specifies, “Brings smiles to trendy new parents and babies.”It exhibits all information on making the beginning of the baby’s life pleasant and gives the best advice for new parents to keep their baby healthy and beautiful.

An interesting object that Best New Moms Magazine talks about is the New Mommy Survival Kit. This kit is meant for the new mom just after she has experienced the horrific miracle of giving birth. Unlike what movies tend to portray, women look particularly frazzled after the tiring experience of giving birth. The New Mommy Survival Kit can house a few essentials such as lip gloss, a hair brush, hair bands, blush and compact powder – items that the new dad might have forgotten to pack for the mom in the rush to the hospital. The kit could also contain items for the baby that the new parents would need immediately after leaving the hospital.

The website also contains advice for moms to be including checklists for all things that might be needed once the baby arrives. The right diet and exercise routine to keep the baby weight in check and keep the body and baby healthy at the same time are also described. There is also advice on how to lose weight after the baby arrives, tips on breastfeeding the baby correctly and even reasons which might prevent pregnancy in women.

Best New Moms Magazine is a comprehensive site containing all information that new parents need and all parents to be should consult this site for a peek into what they are going to experience.