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Best of the Kitchen Releases New Reviews of Colanders and Meat Cleavers

Site's reviews focus on kitchen tools likely to be used on a daily basis, reports Best of the Kitchen


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Best of the Kitchen today announced its review site focusing on Kitchen Gadgets and tools. What makes this site different is that it doesn't focus on flashy tools that are made mostly to look cool, but instead, zooms in on the types of equipment everyone actually uses. For example, it has an extensive section dedicated to colanders and another aimed at meat cleavers. This makes the reviews actually useful, rather than simply serving as eye candy.

"Many people like to 'ooh' and 'aah' at things like talking coffee makers or refrigerators that will play your iPod music, but when it comes down to it, that's not what they actually use. Instead, they'll want to do something basic, like make pasta, and need a colander that'll allow it to drain without spilling it all into the sink. These simple tools are the mainstays of the kitchen, so that's what we've focused on," said Ron Donaldson of Best of the Kitchen.

Best of the Kitchen doesn't kid around when it reviews colanders and other things that many other sites think are too basic or inexpensive to bother with. It has extensively reviewed many types of the food-draining tools, including stainless steel ones and ones that fit over the counter, and it has listed the top of every imaginable type. The same goes for other common tools, such as cutting boards, ceramic knives, and even cheese graters.

"One tool that is often-overlooked is the Meat Cleaver," Donaldson said. "For people who buy their meat already cut up, a meat cleaver isn't essential equipment. Those who like to buy things like whole chickens, on the other hand, will find a cleaver essential. It's even more important for those who buy beef or pork in bulk. Bulk buying doesn't always involve getting an entire side or quarter of meat. It can also take the form of buying roasts and turning them into individual steaks. Meat cleavers make it easy to break down these larger cuts with just a few chops."

Of course, not all cleavers are the same. The surprising part is that price isn't always an indicator of which one is best. While the more-expensive options look better, the way they actually work is more varied. Even among the top five options, there are notable differences in ease-of-use. This is where Best of the Kitchen comes in. It gives the pros and cons of each top seller so that it's easy to decide which one will actually be suitable.

Unlike some review sites, Best of the Kitchen doesn't bother reviewing junk. Instead, it focuses on only the top items in each category. This makes it so that visitors can quickly find qualified candidates for their intended purchase and get what they're looking for as soon as possible.

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Best of the Kitchen is a review site that focuses on kitchen tools that people actually use. It gives extensive reviews of top-selling items so that consumers can easily determine precisely which ones will suit them the best.