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Best Online Colleges Reviews the Future of Further Education


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Whenever innovations first take root there is a period of initial reactionary cynicism followed by a re-evaluation in which the advantages become clear. This is very similar to the path online education has taken, becoming infamous in its early days for those who bought fraudulent degrees then becoming a legitimate means by which to gain real qualifications more cheaply and effectively than traditional college institutions. Best Online Colleges aims to provide reviews of affordable online schools and their courses so that prospective students can consider this alternative for themselves.

The homepage gets right down to business, with a featured Top Five ranking listing the top online universities with their information, a star rating, and a more info button that takes users to an information request form so that in seconds visitors can be investigating potential colleges and courses.

The site also offers high quality editorialised content designed to inform students of the advantages of online courses, further lists of the top online degree courses, college programs and classes, with a menu bar that offers further information on these topics together with scholarships, which can provide an invaluable boost for prospective students.

In the footer of the site there is also a search bar that compares and contrasts courses and colleges depending on the subject a student is interested in studying by field and specialist subject, or a content search which allows users to search through the sites own published content.

A spokesperson for Best Online Colleges explained the streamlined means by which the courses increase convenience for students and promote an interactive environment,

“Technology has enabled online learning to be effective, fast and convenient for students. Many prospective students wrongly believe the online environment will stifle discussion and interaction but this could not be further from the truth. Online classes promote and receive more interaction; perhaps because of its anonymous nature naturally shy students are willing to contribute. Students can participate in these discussions and classes from any computer anywhere in the world which is incredibly convenient. Interacting with instructors is also simple, students use instant messaging to make contact this perhaps makes them more accessible than in the traditional college setting. ”

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