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Colombo, Sri Lanka -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Calendars play a paramount role in the life of people. Each tiny box in the Calendar denotes a single day. It helps people track the passage of time, more precisely the week cycles or the monthly cycles or the yearly cycles. Time rolls on and on. What is ‘present’ today becomes history tomorrow and the dates in the Calendar thus can also demarcate history, present and even future.

On the internet there are special online Calendar sites for certain countries and one such site is .This site is new Calendar site offering people all updates on Sri Lankan events.

This Calendar can be very helpful for tourists are very eager to learn about the history of the place they have visited. The site provides visitors with the most extensive database of history of Sri Lanka interactively divided in to the Days & Months of the year. The site is simple for users; it looks very neat and seamless and is easily navigable.

By clicking on a particular day of the month people can learn what had happened on that particular day in the Sri Lankan History. The most outstanding feature of this site is the info it offers on the forthcoming events in Sri Lanka on all specific dates of any month of the year. Through this online Sri Lankan Calendar site people can gather all details on current incidents or occurrences around this splendid island.

“We have tried to make the best one-stop online Calendar for Sri Lanka. There are some special symbols to denote Special Event, Bank Holidays, Public Holidays, Mercantile Holidays and Full Moon Poya Day. Our site not only offers people with the Sri Lankan history or current event of a particular day of a particular month but also detailed facts related to the genres like sports, arts, economics, science” says a team member. By clicking mouse on the arrow head visitors can easily navigate on to the next month or to the previous month. “ benefited me a lot to plan my trip and learn a lot about the island when I was on my vacation to Sri Lanka” says a happy visitor. For more info visit

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