The Peter Leeds Investing Team Is Pleased to Announce the Significant Expansion of Their YouTube Channel Content


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Peter Leeds, author of several books related to penny stock investing, and publisher of the world famous investing newsletter providing penny stock picks, is pleased to announce the significant expansion of their online video content library. Hosted through their YouTube channel focused on investor education, Leeds and his team have begun increasing their video presence in order to best help individuals interested in stock picks.

"Our goals have always been to help investors make wise decisions when investing in stocks, and to learn the best ways to find the best penny stocks for investment," mentions Leeds. "Whether avoiding an investing mistake, or finding great companies to buy, if we can help people through videos, then that is what we'll do."

Leeds mentions that the expansion of video content on their YouTube penny stock channel has already begun, but numerous additional videos to be released publicly in the coming months. Some of the upcoming video content will include topics such as, "the best way to invest in penny stocks," "the impact of inflation on your investing," and "a warning against binary options," among many others.

According to a representative of the Leeds team, the videos will be freely available, and will all include some knowledge, value, or benefit to the viewer. They believe this will be the best way to give their viewers the most benefit.

Leeds adds, “the best picks will come from the best knowledge. The best investing decisions comes from the best information. Viewers of our new stock opinion videos, and videos about analyzing your stock picks, will gain significant value.”

Investors interested in the new video content can follow the Peter Leeds channel about penny stock picks on YouTube. To best learn more about Leeds and his leading penny stock pick newsletter, visit Also available are copies of books by Leeds, which can be found wherever books are sold.