The Leeds Analysis Unveils the Best Penny Stock Picks and Successful Trading Strategies


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Peter Leeds has mastered the art of choosing the best penny stocks over the years with his technical knowledge and now publishes his trading recommendations in his Penny Stock Newsletter. Peter brings unique penny stock picks to his subscribers that can achieve profitable gains and it starts with his Leeds Analysis Report that is divided into three levels: fundamental, technical, and third level analysis.

It is these three elements that provide stock recommendations and helps traders pick profitable picks to trade. The Peter Leeds method of fundamental analysis honed over many years continues to discover valuable penny stocks that may fly under the radar. He and his team have mastered the art of penny stock trading and pass this knowledge to their subscribers through the Penny Stock Guide.

The Leeds team researches hundreds of financial reports to discover quality companies with superior prospects for long-term growth. It is all about the knowledge of the market and intensive work that helps Peter Leeds and his team to come up with the top penny stocks for subscribers.

Regarding the selection of the penny stocks and the proprietary Leeds Analysis, a representative for the organization says, “We look for clues about the firm's future earning trends, their efficiency compared to competitors, and the soundness of their financial structure. Then, we use both time-honored and innovative methods of technical analysis.”

He suggests that it is Peter Leeds who determines when to buy these penny stocks just as they are poised to soar in price. Peter Leeds and his team locate the windows of opportunity for maximum price appreciation against the backdrop of overall market conditions.

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