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Best Rated Loans for People with Bad Credit Publishes Top Four Bad Credit Lenders

Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit has reviewed a huge array of different loan companies and has identified and published its top four rankings


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- When someone has bad credit it can be almost impossible to get a loan. The major problem for those looking for a loan while having bad credit is that the companies willing to lend to them will charge extortionate interest that could result in them being caught in a debt spiral, owing progressively more and taking out further loans to cover existing debts. Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit ( was created to provide some illumination in this field, and has now identified and published its top four lenders on the homepage.

The move has come as a result of an extensive and exhaustive series of reviews of all the current providers offering bad credit financing. The site has reviewed the companies in detail and has eliminated the extortionists leaving only recommended providers, the best of which are now placed on the homepage so those in a hurry can be guaranteed of a reputable provider.

The site additionally creates editorial content designed to help individuals in specific situations consider their options and choose the best course of action, with everything from single mom’s lifeline to ways to make extra money covered on the blog.

A spokesperson for Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit explained, “We created the site so that people could avoid the sharks, and we could separate reputable providers so that users would be better off knowing they could find a reliable service that won’t rip them off in their time of need. The site has been highly successful so far, but we hope that by showcasing our best reviewed lenders on our homepage it will encourage other lenders to become more competitive while also helping our users find loans more quickly than ever before.”

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