Best Selling Author Gabreael Has Released a New Work of Love Titled, "Psalms of My Soul"

Best selling author, show host, internationally renowned psychic researcher and medium Gabreael has released a new enchanting work of love titled, “Psalms of My Soul”.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- The international renowned psychic and best selling author who goes by the single name of Gabreael has released an enchanting work of love that she has titled, “Psalms of My Soul”. The book is currently available at The book description is very brief and to the point and say’s, “Gabreael shares with you the inner workings of her mind, body, and soul, and more importantly on how she copes at times in what seems like an ever darkening world.”

As part of her creative expression to share her love with her readers, she allows her meditations, affirmations, and exercises to be custom tailored to suite any readers personal needs. While her work is timely, and seems to capture the psychic present moment of the difficult world situation, nevertheless it promises to resonate with an enormous crowd of potential readers looking for soulful comfort. Gabreael literally has her fingers on the spiritual pulse of the planet, and if readers would like to be part of this “ah huh” moment, they now have the opportunity to have many of their intuitive thoughts and feelings validated. If a reader wants to experience personal validation, then this is the must read book for them.

While Gabreael’s wisdom, quotes and spiritual practices were developed from her lifetime experiences; the psalms she has written will have almost universal appeal to people of all faiths and religions. Gabreael say’s, “It is never too late to change your life. It can start with something small, or you can jump into a more drastic change. Whatever you do just don’t put it off until tomorrow, start this moment. Decide to make a change, and then make it. Try to be consistent and not fall back into old habits. Most importantly always remember if you screw up, forgive yourself and try again. Sometimes you just need to go in a different direction. "Forgiveness will not change your past, but it will change your future."

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About Gabreael
Gabreael is a noted author, psychic researcher and medium, lecturer, photographer, and show host. She has a new TV talk show airing late 2012. Her book, "The Book Of Thomas A Guide For Life And The Afterlife," was on Amazon's New Age bestseller list in 2004 and 2005. Her new book "Psalms Of My Soul," has been released in August 2012. She has been featured in various magazines, received numerous awards for her work in the paranormal, and has been featured in books such as "Something Unseen," "Talk Radio Wants You," and others.