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Best-Selling Author Jasmine Williams Announces the Launch of "Do Monsters Have Birthdays?"

New Children’s Book Uses Science to Spark the Imagination and Educate Young Readers


West Bloomfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- Jasmine Williams, best-selling author of "Mama Said NO!" announced today the debut of her second book release, "Do Monsters Have Birthdays?" The heartwarming tale of unexpected friendship and discovery, filled with actual scientific facts, is written to delight the child in readers of all ages.

"This is one of the cutest children's stories I've ever read, definitely a classic," said Geryn Childress, best-selling children's book author. "Jasmine Williams has such an interesting writing style, I love it! I look forward to reading her other books to my kids as well, two thumbs up!"

The epic adventure detailed in "Do Monsters Have Birthdays?" begins when a curious little girl's mother tells her that she gets one more question before she has to go to bed. The little girl asks her if monsters have birthdays. Her mom is too sleepy to answer and puts the little girl to bed, but before the little girl falls asleep a silly monster comes from under her bed and takes her on an unforgettable journey answering all of her questions in a way she could never imagine.

"As an author and mother of three I want to write books that expand the imagination and open new worlds to the reader, providing educational and unforgettable entertainment along the way!" said Williams.

About Jasmine Williams
Having attended 10 different schools from kindergarten to 12th grade, author Jasmine Williams was always the new kid. Her extensive knowledge of the differences yet similarities of people all stem from her experiences as a child and adolescent. She has learned that people are all the same no matter what race, age, or sex. She has a very comical yet realistic view of life and it shows in her writing. Ranging from children's books to novels, her works capture the imagination and bring readers away from their everyday lives into a wonderful world of her own making.

"Do Monsters Have Birthdays?" is published by Laval, Group, LLC. The book is currently available on as a free download through November 19. For more information about the new book release and the free download promotion, visit

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