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Best-Selling Weight Loss Pills in November 2012 Are Revealed at Pills-for-Weight-Loss.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- The popular Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com website often reports on the latest sales trends, and they have just posted an article on their site which lists the best-selling weight loss pills in November 2012.

The best-selling diet pill during the month of November was one particular brand of green coffee supplement, according to this article, which demonstrates that supplements derived from green coffee bean extract are still going strong.

It has been several months now since green coffee supplements first became the most talked about supplement in the weight loss industry, and it was all because Dr Oz recommended them after they demonstrated that they could help people burn fat in clinical studies.

However people are still buying these supplements in their thousands because there are other brands of green coffee bean extract supplements that feature in the best-sellers list as well.

Furthermore, this article also points out that another type of supplement that was recommended by Dr Oz - raspberry ketones - are still extremely popular with many people who are looking to lose weight.

It lists one particular brand of raspberry ketones which has been the top-seller for several weeks now, and points out that it is not just the capsules that are selling fast, because one product that delivers raspberry ketones in liquid form is also generating huge sales.

The article concludes by mentioning two additional weight loss pills and supplements that get a lot less publicity in the media, but still generate consistently high sales every single month because they are two of the most effective diet supplements on the market.

The full article, which lists all of the best-selling weight loss pills in November 2012, can be found at:


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