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Best Tablet for Me Published Much Anticipated New Tablet Buying Guide

Best Tablet For Me the website dedicated to comparing and contrasting the technological advancements of tablets, updates its much loved tablet buying guide


Schenectady, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Tablets at first seemed like a hard sell- not quite a phone, not quite a computer, and with functionality that was similar to both but less powerful than either. It seemed an odd side-step in technological evolution, and yet their strengths have carved out for them a niche in the marketplace that has continued to expand rapidly. More portable and accessible than a computer with better visuals and processing power than a phone, Best Tablet For Me suggests they actually may live up to providing the best of both worlds.

The site regularly updates its content, and has promised new reviews every month in 2013 as the tablet game kicks into high gear with new iterations being released by major manufacturers. The iPad was once the favorite and has been held aloft by the iPad 2 and iPad mini releases, but Samsung’s galaxy tablet is encroaching on its market share.

Best Tablet For Me charts every new release as well as offering common sense advice for those on a budget, including editorial content that sheds light on the best tablets available for two hundred dollars, the best eReader, and the best tablet for students wanting educational apps.

A spokesperson for Best Tablet For Me explained, “Our comparison of the very best tablet is of course subject to change as the year goes on, but right now we’ve found some surprising conclusions. The top three tablets we’ve placed into a side by side comparison guide which expressed the relative feature sets, strengths and weaknesses of each product, which may not be the ones that people expect. The good news is, our site has every bit of information anyone could ever need when choosing to buy a tablet, whether they’re willing to pay for ruthless high end performance or whether they want something that will punch above the weight of their budget. It’s no surprise we have become the consumers choice when it comes to researching tablets.”

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