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Best Top 10 Tip Launches Guide to Naturally Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Best Top 10 Tip has created a ten step guide to the best ways of reducing the appearance of post-natal stretch marks.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Top 10 lists has become a staple of popular culture, and has been the default mode for the pop charts for over fifty years. The top 10 has found new relevance online, as a format that people pay particular attention to as it delivers fast and important information in an easy to absorb way. Best Top 10 Tip is a website dedicated to creating top 10 lists for practical problems with everyday solutions, and has recently published new content on how to naturally get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.

The site, which has previously published material on the Top 10 25th Anniversary Wedding Gifts For Parents ( and a wide range of other topics, created the page to address an issue that readers had requested help with.

The new editorial on the best ways to get rid of stretch marks ( includes using natural remedies such as olive oil, egg whites and potato juice as applied directly to the skin to absorb into the affected area. These are just some of the ten approaches covered in detail in the editorial, including how to best use them for most effective results.

A spokesperson for Best Top 10 Tip explained, “Different things work for different people, and to different extents. The top ten guides we publish are designed to give people a volley of ideas to try out that have been proven effective so that one or two, or even a combination of the approaches we recommend can make a real difference to their lives in overcoming the challenges we cover. We are always expanding the range of topics and adding thoroughly researched content, so it is no wonder our users check back regularly to discover new and novel solutions to age old problems.”

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