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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Reviews Vacuum Cleaners That Meet Pet Owners' Needs

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair is publishing new reviews of the latest range of vacuum cleaners ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers to remove pet hair from floors and carpets.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Pet owners face a number of housekeeping challenges that others do not. Even once they have toilet trained their pets, they still inevitably shed hair and this can be a problem for people with allergies, and is a general nuisance for anyone who takes pride in a clean home. To help, Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair has updated its reviews to include the latest released specialty vacuum cleaners that are guaranteed to have the suction power to remove even the most stubborn and voluminous hair deposits.

The website has reviewed new models released by Roomba, Miele, Hoover and Eureka and has assessed them on their dimensions, weight, cord length, price and warranty, as well as comparing their respective suction capabilities. The vacuum cleaner reviews offer a fast and easy way to compare vacuum cleaners while at the same time getting a shortlist of recommended providers.

The website also includes editorials on the advantages of buying a specialty vacuum cleaner and what to look for when making a purchase, including valuable clues to identifying the suction power of a cleaner and what key features will be the most useful to look out for.

A spokesperson for Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair explained, “All our reviews follow a standardized format so that readers can compare the choices and make an informed decision, and our homepage features a live ranking feature which stacks our reviews according to user definable terms, so they can find out which is the best vacuum cleaner according to what factor is most important to them. This provides a level of control not seen in typical reviews, and is invaluable in helping buyers find answers. Our expert reviewers use their own experience and judgment and get feedback from consumers before publishing their reviews.”

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