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Best Vacuum Info Discloses Secret to Finding the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Info launches campaign to highlight vacuum buying process secrets


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- In the early twentieth century, vacuum cleaners tended to be large contraptions, requiring three people to operate the machines which ran off of coal. In fact, the vacuum cleaners remained outside of a building, making use of long hoses to clean carpeting. "Thankfully, advances in technology led to the development of smaller machines, ones which run off of electricity and are small enough for the average older child to use," Barbara Seaman of Best Vacuum Info ( states. "Finding the right machine for one's needs depends on many factors, yet every home needs a vacuum cleaner of some type, such as the Shark sonic duo."

According to Random Facts, humans shed approximately 1.5 million skin flakes on an hourly basis, and most of these flakes end up in the carpets of the home. Furthermore, the website explains the Norovirus, the virus responsible for the stomach flu, survives in uncleaned carpets for 30 days or longer. "For these, and many other reasons, carpets need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, and Best Vacuum Info strives to help each consumer find the right machine for use in their home," Seaman continues.

When choosing a vacuum, consumers must consider numerous factors, such as the type of flooring in the home, the number of pets, allergies of family members, and things of that nature. Many wish to own a machine which doesn't require bags because this helps to save money over the life of the machine. Others find it more important to own a machine that is inexpensive at time of purchase, yet still does what they need it to. "Each consumer has his or her own needs when it comes to a vacuum cleaner, and manufacturers understand this, making a wide variety of models designed to fit the requirements of each buyer," Seaman declares.

Consumers often choose the Shark Sonic Duo, a machine designed to tackle both hardwood floors and carpets. Those who choose this machine comment on the ease of use and the ergonomic handle. Some worry that it will damage their floors, yet the machine isn't a steam cleaner, making it safe for all types of flooring. Seaman recommends all check this machine out in their search for a new vacuum cleaner as it offers the features many are in need of at an affordable price.

Others prefer to purchase the shark rotator, a machine that functions as an upright, a canister vac, and a portable vac. This machine ensures one has a vacuum for every situation, and consumers love the versatility. "No matter what one is looking for when it comes to a new vacuum cleaner, Best Vacuum Info is the place to start. Thanks to the information offered on the site, one can easily find the vacuum which best meets his or her needs in a short period of time and at the lowest price possible," Seaman promises.

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