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Best Vacuum Info Launches Information Rich Website to Simplify Research

Company helps shoppers make informed choices when purchasing vacuum cleaners


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- In an attempt to help consumers sift through the seemingly ever more complex process of vacuum cleaner selection, Best Vacuum Info recently launched an information rich website intended to simplify the process of considering options, prices and vacuum cleaner features. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), vacuum cleaners currently have the greatest volume of sales of any home appliance in the United States -- the carpet cleaning industry estimates that 98% of homes in the U.S. currently have a vacuum cleaner. Considering the vast array of flooring surfaces in American homes and the degree to which consumer needs vary, Best Vacuum Info provides the vacuum cleaner reviews necessary to permit consumers to make discerning choices.

"Not every consumer needs the vacuum with the most bells and whistles," explains company spokesman Barbara Seaman. "A person living on a dirt road in the country with multiple pets and children is going to need a very different vacuum from a retired couple living in a city condo. It is our goal to encourage people to ask the questions that will ensure they end up with the vacuum most suited to their needs. We ask that people consider not only a vacuum's cleaning ability, but also the kinds of things they'll notice once they've got a vacuum home and have begun to use it -- the type of filtration system it employs, whether it uses disposable (and consumable) bags or a canister that must be emptied, noise level, weight, corded vs. cordless, etc. The best handheld vacuum for one person might not suit another at all. Still others might prefer a Dyson refurbished. Studies have shown that consumers who consider these types of factors prior to making a purchase exhibit greater product satisfaction later on."

The considerations are many. Price, warranty, ease of use, storage space required, and accessories are all examples of things people should think about when making a vacuum cleaner purchase. According to Seaman, "People who approach the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner with the same thoughtfulness as they would when purchasing, say, an automobile, are those most likely to still be pleased with their purchase a year down the road." The number of vacuum cleaner options have increased substantially over the last decade. Consumers who traditionally only needed to choose between an upright vacuum and a cannister model today have to consider suction power, filtration methods, robotic vs. owner operated, ratings, reliability, cord length and more. Best Vacuum Info empowers shoppers to spend what is necessary, and no more, for the vacuum cleaner that best suits their needs. The site also provides consumers with a number of exclusive discounts.

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Featuring a pre-purchase checklists, stat sheets on popular brands and in-depth reviews, Best Vacuum Info seeks to provide consumers with information that will assist them in making appropriate purchasing decisions.