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Best Vacuum Info Releases New Set of Comprehensive Vacuum Rankings

Just-published edition of annual rankings includes surprises, as well as continued excellence from a perennial favorite, Best Vacuum Info reports


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Best Vacuum Info, an informational resource aimed at those researching consumer vacuum cleaners, announced the release of its latest, up-to-the-minute rankings of the best vacuums available. Drawing on the company's own research into and reviews of the most popular vacuums, as well as customer reviews from a variety of sources, the newly published lists highlight the top models in the handheld and floor-standing categories. Best Vacuum Info is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth sources of information for those researching vacuum cleaners, and its annual rankings of vacuums are some of its most popular and anticipated features.

"We have just released our latest set of rankings," company representative Barbara Seaman said, "and, once again, there were some surprising results. Dyson continues to dominate the high end with its innovative technologies, but there were some upsets nearby." Dyson's vacuum cleaners have received high marks since Best Vacuum Info beginning assembling its comprehensive rankings, and the refreshed Animal Complete variant of the DC65 model took the top spot in the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2014 list. Aimed at homeowners with pets which shed heavily, that vacuum is said by the manufacturer to generate twice as much suction at the point of contact with the floor as any other machine on the market. In addition, the vacuum received plaudits for its incorporation of a number of technologies exclusive to Dyson, including a ball-based steering system which reviewers found allowed for greater maneuverability.

"Bagless technology has matured to the point that it can be found in the five highest-rated machines in our new rankings," Seaman continued, "Manufacturers have done a great job of combining the convenience of that approach with the performance and cleanliness that was formerly the territory of the traditional, bag-equipped vacuum." Best Vacuum Info's surveys show that users of vacuums prize ease of use and convenience nearly as highly as they do cleaning performance. Although they have always appealed to many consumers for these reasons, bagless vacuums had traditionally lagged somewhat behind those which make use of disposable bags in several important ways. Best Vacuum Info's newest rankings show that this gap has been erased, as bagless vacuums now take all of the top spots.

"We, like our visitors, have high hopes for cordless vacuums, but the truth is that they are not quite there yet," Seaman concluded, "They have made some great strides, but single-charge life is not where it needs to be to make them real competitors when it comes to routine use." As so many vacuum users express frustration with the need to unplug and plug in corded vacuum cleaners, those which are powered by internal batteries instead would seem to present an attractive alternative. Since vacuums which are up to the task of providing enough suction to clean the average home require a great deal of power, however, cordless vacuums typically only offer between 15 and 30 minutes of duty before needing to be recharged. This has kept them from placing well in Best Vacuum Info's rankings in the past, and this has not changed with the release of the most recent set. Those interested in the full list may find it at the company's site, along with the Best Vacuum Info - Best Handheld Vacuum rankings and in-depth reviews like that at