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Commercial Water Heater Sales Hires More Industry Experts

In reaction to growing demand for heaters, Commercial Water Heater Sales has now hired more industry experts


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Commercial Water Heater Sales announces they have hired more industry experts in reaction to growing demand for heaters. For consumers and customers of the company this means that the organization is now in a better position to provide the customer with the best water heater for their needs.

The industry experts bring over 30 years of combined experience to the company. In addition to knowledge on what type of water heaters customers should purchase for their needs the new industry experts will be able to assist with questions on water heater maintenance, general upkeep, old/outdated unit removal and more.

The organization is excited by the new hiring of additional industry experts and hopes to be able to now serve more clients and provide heaters to more commercial locations, residential homes and other venues. These locations are to include hospitals, community centers and other commercial areas in need of large capacity water heaters such as warehouses, office parks and retirement homes. Residential areas expected to experience a bump in service include apartment complexes, condos and suburban homes.

The newly hired industry experts are expected to begin providing insight to customers beginning next month. Commercial Water Heater Sales is owned and operated by Buy and Large, Inc. With these new industry experts on board the company as a whole expects to experience a bump in water heater sales as well as overall revenue.

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