Best Way to Repair Bad Credit, Tips to Help Improve Bad Credit

When an individual comes of age, a whole new world opens up to him. It is the enticing world of credit, and it is very alluring. “Newbie’s” to credit are easily lured into its seemingly infinite forms: Credit cards, loans, and retail credit. They spend and spend, never really stopping to think that eventually they’ll have to pay it all back. Often, this realization occurs to them after they’ve developed problems making all the payments and need to know the best ways to repair bad credit. The following will offer some suggestions to help these folks out.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- The best way to repair bad credit begins and ends with the individual. Anyone can fix his poor credit standing by himself. Start by gathering all receipts indicating the amount owed to which creditors. Prioritize them in the order they should be paid off, whether lowest amount due to highest, or highest interest rate to lowest. Then begin paying them off. Simple enough, right? Sort of. If a person is low on funds, he should sit down and figure out a weekly budget. It’s less intimidating to do a week-to-week budget than a month-to-month one. Make sure to allow for debt repayment in the budget, and stick to it! If no ideas come to mind about how to squeeze money out of or into the budget to pay off debt, here are some suggestions.

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Figuring out how to get the extra cash to pay back debt can definitely be one of many ways to repair bad credit. To obtain more funds to put toward paying off debt, try cutting back on “frivolous” spending, such as going to the movies twice a month. Put the money saved from that into a jar. At the beginning of the next month, put all of it on one past due bill, getting rid of that debt. Continue saving the money, and as each month comes along, pay off another debt. Picking up a second job could definitely help with eradicating debt. Even a 15-hour-a-week paycheck can get rid of arrearage if a person puts the full amount to that end. Requesting a small loan from friends or family members can eradicate debt, as can borrowing from one’s cash-valued life insurance policy. If someone is deeply in debt and has a very low credit score, using the equity in his house can remedy both situations. Making use of one’s IRA at work is a good possibility to help eliminate debt. Selling unwanted or outgrown items such as old lamps or children’s clothing usually brings in some cash, too.

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