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Best Weight Loss Diet Menu for Lunch Revealed by Dr Livingston has recently published a list of what people should include in their lunch meals in order to lose weight. The magazine got its inspiration from Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor e-book, a weight loss program that has helped thousands of people worldwide get in shape in only 12 weeks.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- The program is based on a combination of detoxification, healthy diet plans and effective workout routines that can help people not only lose weight, but also develop a healthier lifestyle that would enable them to maintain their ideal weight. Dr Charles developed this program after learning that people of all ages find it difficult to stick to harsh diets and exhausting exercise routines.

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In the 12 weeks of the program, users will first detoxify their bodies for two weeks, then resort to the diet plans and workouts suggested by the doctor, announces The magazine provides readers with a sneak-peek, revealing how should a weight loss diet menu look when having lunch.

According to Fat Loss Eat magazine, a weight loss diet menu for lunch should be based on salads, soups, fruits, and grilled foods. Salads are as simple to prepare as they are delicious and have few calories, so they are a top recommendation. They contain raw vegetables that are healthy, have many vitamins, and provide people with a lot of energy. Broccoli, carrots, beans, tomatoes, olives, green salad, chicken and tuna are among the best ingredients a salad can have.

Soups are also easy to prepare, says the magazine. They are liquid, so they help the body detoxify but keep it energized at the same time without bringing extra calories to the table. Grilled foods are low in carbohydrates but can make people feel full for a longer period of time and therefore avoid cravings. Fruits are always a great choice and can be served at any time during the day. At lunch they make a great dessert.

To find out more delicious recipes one can include in their weight loss diet menu, recommends readers to try Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor. The program promises to help them lose weight and get in shape in only 12 weeks, with results being visible within the first weeks.