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Best Weight Loss Pills Guide Posts New Countdown of Three Best Weight Loss Pills Online

Best Weight Loss Pills Guide has renewed their top three weight loss pills guide for 2014, seeing the return of a heavyweight to the top spot and an all-new supplement climbing to third place.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Weight loss pills have been a huge industry for years now, and millions of people every year turn to weight loss pills to help them diet more efficiently and get the results they want more quickly. Recent controversy however has seen major figures promoting these products dragged before a Senate committee, including celebrity Doctors, to answer to the fact many of these products don’t seem to have any discernible effect. Best Weight Loss Pills Guide has been an active presence in separating out the phony products from the ones that really work, and has now updated their top three pills for 2014.

The top three pills include a mainstay of the diet pill industry, Phen375, which has become so popular because it has evidence-based results for those who use it. It also includes the popular raspberry ketones supplement, but one created by a recommended manufacturer known for the quality of their products. The most surprising however is a newcomer, capsiplex, in the number three spot.

Capsiplex uses capsicum, the compound that makes chilies hot, in a new way to get all the metabolism boosting and fat burning benefits without the pain associated with the hottest chillies.

A spokesperson for explained, “Phen375 has always been a top contender for the best weight loss pill of all time, and its new incarnation with an increased 37.5mg dose, and the addition of eurycoma longifolia to protect muscle tissues while allowing the other active ingredients to strip fat mean this can even be used by fitness enthusiasts to get lean. Capsiplex is a new addition to the top three, offering the distilled benefits of capsicum from chilies with the traditional associated stomach irritation, which is a major leap forward in boosting metabolism.”

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