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Best Weight Loss Pills Under $30 Are Revealed at Pills-for-Weight-Loss.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- A popular weight loss website has just published a new article that features some of the best weight loss pills under $30 that are available to buy right now in 2013.

As many people will know, there are lots of weight loss pills being sold online, many of which are actually very effective, but the problem is that they are often quite expensive.

So Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com have taken it upon themselves to pick out 3 of the best weight loss pills under $30 (for a 30-day supply).

As they point out in their latest article, they selected these products based on certain criteria, all of which had to be met.

So, for instance, each supplement had to be safe for people to take, it had to have numerous positive customer reviews and testimonials, and it had to be based on some kind of evidence that it does actually promote weight loss.

The supplements they have chosen are all based on fat-busting superfruits and foods that have all been featured on the Dr Oz show.

Therefore they include a top-selling raspberry ketone supplement, a popular green coffee bean extract supplement and a garcinia cambogia supplement that is currently outselling all other weight loss supplements.

A spokesman for Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com said:

"A lot of people are aware of the weight loss properties of raspberry ketones, green coffee and garcinia cambogia because they have appeared on the Dr Oz show and have received lots of publicity in the media after some positive clinical studies."

"However with each of these products, there will always be some products, and some brands, that are more effective than others, which is why we have taken some time to pick out the very best products based on customer opinion."

Anyone that would like to discover which products were named the best weight loss pills under $30, can do so by visiting:


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