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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription hCG Diet Plans That Produce the Best Weight Loss & Diminish the Appearance of Unsightly Cellulite

Diet Doc has created new prescription hCG diet plans, the nation’s best weight loss solution designed to shed pounds while diminishing the appearance of unsightly and embarrassing cellulite.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Although losing excess weight has significant positive effects on one’s overall health and reduces the risk of developing a host of physical weight related diseases and conditions, it is also no secret that looking and feeling good in fashionable clothes is a confidence booster and lifts the mood and spirit of everyone that has struggled to lose weight. Benefiting from decades of the best weight loss research, Diet Doc has successfully designed patient specific hCG diet plans that promote the loss of excess inches, diminishing the appearance of unsightly cellulite and allowing everyone to slip into fall fashion comfortably and confidently.

Years of consuming a diet of unhealthy high fat, high carbohydrate foods will inevitably result in excess fatty deposits in the body. This extra fat typically accumulates in areas of the body that are the most difficult and stubborn to lose, such as the belly, buttocks, underarms, thighs and hips. A collection of this stored fat is known as cellulite and resembles cottage cheese. These lumpy substances of fat push against the connective tissue beneath the skin, creating a lumpy appearance that dimple and pucker. While there is no hard and fast cure for this embarrassing nuisance, experts agree that the best weight loss is a healthy diet for natural cellulite treatment.

Diet Doc has incorporated years of the best weight loss research with the knowledge and expertise of specially trained doctors, nurses and nutritionists to create the best and most reliable medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans in the nation. Patients that commit to losing stubborn excess fat by following the prescription hCG diet plan are noticing that fat is melting in the most difficult areas of the body to target, including cellulite deposits. Patients are looking and feeling more confident than ever before while also nurturing a future of improved health.

Subsequent to a detailed, yet quite simple medical evaluation and in-house doctor consultation, and based on this information, qualified clients will receive 100% pure prescription hCG diet plans that are developed by certified nutritionists who are trained in the science of healthy, safe, and the best weight loss. These hCG diet plans are designed surrounding each patient’s specific nutritional, dietary and medical needs. These nutrient-rich hCG diet plans are high in protein and low in carbohydrates and also allow the dieter to incorporate a wider range of healthy and nutritious food choices. No two hCG diet plans are identical, with plans created for those that have struggled to lose that difficult last 10 pounds to those that must lose 100 pounds or more. Each diet is designed with comfort and simplicity in mind and maintains the patient’s interest and motivation by producing the best weight loss available.

Diet Doc offers a long term solution to help all patients lose unwanted fat, along with education and guidance to help patients make healthy food choices to maintain long term weight and avoid the risk of weight related health problems, as well as reducing the appearance of, and avoiding the development of unsightly and embarrassing cellulite.

Striving to continue to provide all patients with the safest and best weight loss, Diet Doc now makes losing excess weight possible without the inconvenience of attending walk in weight loss clinics. Simply pick up the phone or log onto the computer on to begin the life changing transition to a healthier, happier mind and body by losing excess weight. The consultation is confidential and free and with pricing plans available to fit almost any budget, losing excess fat is now possible for everyone. Call the nation’s premiere fast weight loss solution today.

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