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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New Savings: Buy 3 Months of hCG, Get a Month's Stock of hCG at No Additional Cost

Diet Doc has announced new savings for existing and new patients. Those who buy 3 months of hCG will now get a month’s stock of hCG (a $199 value) complimentary.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- New and existing patients can make the most of the new savings announced by Diet Doc. The nation’s only provider of FDA-approved prescription hCG diets is offering a month’s complimentary hCG when purchasing hCG for 3 months. Diet Doc’s doctor supervised diet plans involve administering pharmaceutical grade hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) through injections, sublingual tablets, and drops. Using a combination of prescription grade hCG and a low calorie diet, they help patients lose as much as 30 pounds a month without any side effects, including hunger, fatigue, or starvation.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diets are a modern day version of the 50-year-old hCG diet that was originally developed by renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Simeons in the 1950's. These physician managed diet plans are personalized based on a patient’s health history, age, gender, and lifestyle. A Diet Doc doctor reviews a patient’s state of health; based on the results of the medical evaluation, a nutritionist creates a customized diet and nutrition plan that guarantees the best weight loss of a pound per day. Apart from constant supervision and unlimited support, Diet Doc assigns a dedicated weight loss coach to each of their patients to track their progress through a weekly phone call. Apart from following up with patients regarding their state of health while following these prescription hCG diets, the team of doctors, physicians, nurses, and nutritionists constantly encourage them, so they always stick to the program for healthy and fast weight loss and attain their ideal weight.

According to an in-house survey, over 98% of the patients who follow Diet Doc’s non-restrictive prescription hCG diets said they felt energetic and motivated throughout the program. To improve the overall health of their patients apart from offering them the unparalleled joy of experiencing the best weight loss, Diet Doc also offers a comprehensive list of proteins, fruits and vegetables that need to be included in their hCG diet plans. A wide array of food groups have been combined in Diet Doc’s 100-page cookbook that features a number of tasty and nourishing recipes for fast weight loss. Right from shakes, dressings, marinades, noodles, and soups to various dessert options such as organic carrot cake and chocolate banana flavored dessert bars, there are plenty of food options for patients to choose from.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG weight loss diets are effective even for diabetics who need continuous diet monitoring. Available at the lowest possible prices, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diets use very small doses of hCG made in U.S. compounding pharmacies, which are regulated by the FDA. Their clinically superior program that produces the best weight loss has been specifically designed to help people fight obesity while helping them make healthy food choices that not help them keep the weight off permanently but also promote physical and emotional well-being. Diet Doc’s scientific understanding of weight loss, which has been incorporated into their diet plans that speed up fat metabolism at the cellular level, sets them apart from their competitors.

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