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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New Ways to Achieve Best Weight Loss and Increase Self-Esteem

Diet Doc’s hCG diets use medically supervised weight management aids and healthy eating plans to help patients attain their best weight loss and increase low self-esteem caused by ‘fat talk’, according to a new study


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- The causes of low self-esteem can include a lack of an adequate support system, depression or weight gain but should not be caused by close relationships and friends. While friendships should increase self-esteem instead of lowering it, a new theory, being widely discussed by various media outlets, has people considering the negative effects of a new phenomenon now being referred to as ‘fat talk’. Fat talk has been found to not only lower self-esteem, but may also set the stage for eating disorders later in life. Diet Doc hCG diets work to increase self-esteem by helping patients achieve their best weight loss goals and completely transform unhealthy routines into healthy habits for a happier lifestyle overall.

The fat talk phenomenon, a body bashing conversation between two people, has become so entrenched in every day lives that many report that engaging in fat talk is necessary to maintain equal standing in friendships. It has been described as a bonding ritual that may not even reflect how a person actually feels about their appearance, but instead how he or she is expected to feel about it. As recently reported by the New York Times, most fat talk participants feel compelled to engage in fat talk and one study indicated that 93% of college age women consistently participate. Diet Doc’s hCG diets believe that they key to creating positive changes in body image and ending self depreciating behavior is through achieving best weight loss goals. Taking the first step toward a healthy lifestyle will change not only physical appearance, but will increase and improve patients’ self-esteem.

Diet Doc’s unique hCG diets combine medically supervised hCG treatments with education on healthy eating to help patients achieve their best weight loss quickly and easily. When used as a weight management tool in hCG diet plans, the hCG hormone effectively suppresses the appetite so patients can form healthy eating routines without intense cravings or nagging hunger. Working closely with one of Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists will help patients to understand and incorporate the most nutritious, energy filled foods that will leave them feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Diet Doc’s hCG diets understand that having an extensive support group that encourages best weight loss goals is imperative to patient success. Therefore, patients using Diet Doc’s hCG diets have unlimited access to physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists six days per week. The Diet Doc team is available to answer questions about hCG diets, evaluate best weight loss goals or simply provide support for patients during this important, life-changing journey. Diet Doc is not only committed to patients’ best weight loss goals, the program is dedicated to helping patients live long, healthy lives with greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

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