Joe Bragg Ranks and Reviews World's Best Bluetooth Headphones


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2013 -- Headphones allow music lovers to listen to their favorite songs anywhere they go. However, traditional headphones have one major problem: the wires frequently get tangled up, making it difficult for wearers to simply pull the headphones out of their pocket and start listening. This is just one reason why wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming a popular option for music lovers around the world.

At, visitors will discover detailed comparisons for some of the best Bluetooth headphones in the world. The website also explains the general advantages of Bluetooth headphones and chooses specific winners for a number of different categories, including the best bass headphones, noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, and budget headphones.

The homepage of is designed to make the shopping process as easy as possible for visitors. At the homepage, visitors will discover an interactive chart that ranks and rates some of the top Bluetooth headphones on the market today. Visitors can click on the chart to sort headphones by their weight, price, average rating, and design.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website also connects visitors with a low price on each set of Bluetooth headphones:

“After visitors have found the perfect Bluetooth headphones for their needs, they can click on that product listing to be instantly connected with the Amazon sales page for that item. We choose to link visitors to Amazon because we find the website offers the lowest prices and best shipping offers on all types of products. Amazon also features a surprisingly wide selection of Bluetooth headphones from a range of different companies.”

Specific reviews of a number of different headphones are also available on the website. Those reviews discuss the wireless range of the headphones, the sound quality, and any other important qualities. Generally, Bluetooth headphones work at a maximum range of between 20 feet to 60 feet away from the device emitting the music, although there are some headphones that boast longer ranges.

Meanwhile, price varies widely across devices. Bluetooth headphones from top audio companies like Klipsch can retail for over $200, while cheaper Bluetooth headphones can be found for as little as $80.

The website also caters to those who have unique headphone needs. One article ranks and reviews the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones, for example, while another article describes the best Bluetooth headphones for running.

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