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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- There was a time when internet had entered the lives of people and companies marched into the avenue to reap its full advantage, launching their websites. The time has definitely changed now, and it is the era of smart phones! An era of information that’s quick and on the go!

Marketing strategies and methods have changed over the years, and people have adopted new and innovative methods to attract their customers. In today’s date the World Wide Web is one of the major source of your new customers and a face of you and your business throughout the world. With purchase of smart phones and tablets increasing with leaps and bounds one is sure to think that presence on the mobile is as important as on the desktop. Though our old generation would think why a new website, even though the existing one is visible on the phone/ tablet. Then why spend on mobile website?

The answer is, your existing website is optimized to be viewed on the large screen and hence while it is viewed on the phone or tablet, fonts are really small, lots of zoom & scroll are required making the experience very unpleasant. It will surely drive your customers away. To confront all these issues one has to have a mobile website optimized and built for mobile/ tablet viewing.

Reading the above has put you into thoughts and wondering about the expenditure ahead… But not to worry…. will do everything for you and that too for free! To start with, you need a domain name for your website – something relating to your business or the name of your brand / company. The next step would be buying a hosting space where you can host the website. Both are available on the internet and at very low costs. For the next step you can contact and they will do it for you!

The brain behind the venture is Ms Ruth Horan. She started working with computers at a tender age of 12, and since then spent her life in the IT industry. During this long time span, she has seen many trends and has mastered all of them to help her customers gain revenue with the same.

Your website will be unique and this is what you get out of the services:

- A website designed and optimized for mobile viewing.
- Will have Google maps functionality; help your customers locate you.
- A big click – to call button, making your customers contact you easily, speak to you, get in touch with you. You and your customer they will end up knowing each other better, generating better business prospects.
- Your website will be live maximum 3 business days and further update of information on a regular basis.

The customer will carry a positive feeling towards you, as you saved him from the experience of viewing a desktop site on mobile; perceive your image as a modern organization that is in touch with the upgrading technology. Don’t think twice, you need mobile website – just get it!!

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