Now Provides Information on the Credit Repair Industry is a Top Review and Resource Website for Credit Score Companies and is Expanding Its Resources to Credit Repair


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- (BCSC) has focused its main effort on teaching consumers about credit score, and is now providing resources for credit repair. BCSC is adding credit repair into their current material by providing direction to the best credit repair companies, latest blogs and recognized experts in the credit repair industry.

“Several customers realize their credit score isn’t where they want it to be and don’t have the time or knowledge to improve it. We have the answer for those customers,” Kelly Edwards, Senior Finance Editor said. “We wanted to give our consumers direction in finding the most reliable and credible information to obtaining high credit score and a 100 percent accurate credit report.”

Consumers can now get access to credit repair material on BCSC. All of the information is automatically directed to where there are more than 115 credit repair companies reviewed with an extensive resource center and active blog. Also, approximately 900 real customers needed credit repair and left reviews on the company profile they signed up for.

“Customers go to a credit score company to get their credit score,” Jane Kingsley,’s Directors of Reviews said. “Customers who want a better credit score go to a credit repair company, and we can tell you what companies can actually do that.” is always providing tips and resources to improve credit on your own, but for the customers who don’t want to do it on their own have the option through credit repair. Credit experts recommend that consumers track their credit score by signing up with a credit score company after they fix any inaccuracies on a credit report with a credit repair company. Edwards said credit repair and credit score companies go hand-in-hand.

“If a consumer chooses the route of credit repair, it’s important that they go back to a credit score company to maintain the credit score they are happy with,” Edwards said. “Credit score companies offer features like credit monitoring and updated scores and reports that most credit repair companies don’t offer. researches all of the credit score companies in the industry to differentiate the reliable companies from the fraudulent companies. BCSC ranks all companies using their 10-point Criteria and encourages real customers to review companies they have worked with. Their website also frequently publishes new blogs and resources to keep their visitors up to date on the latest credit news.

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