Launches Popular Discounted Supplies for Affordable Pet Health

Ensuring Pet Health And Providing Savings For Customers Is Company's Passion


West Midlands, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Statistics reveal consumers will spend an estimated $56 billion on pets, food and supplies this year alone with more than $13 billion being allotted to over the counter medications. Despite the rising cost of such provisions, pet owners must continue to purchase them to ensure the health of their furry family members. In an effort to help consumers reduce the expenses of maintaining the well being of their pets, has launched an extensive selection of popular pet supplies at discounted prices.

A spokesperson for confirmed, "We work closely with our suppliers to offer the best prices and the largest selection of pet products available online. Pet owners may visit our website to purchase a number of the most common medications for flea and tick prevention, heart worm deterrence, elimination of other common varieties of worms known to cause issues for dogs and cats, as well as products for ear and eye health."

Among the products in the company's inventory is HeartGard Plus. Highly recommended by veterinarians, this is the most widely used product for the elimination of roundworms and hookworms. Transmitted by mosquitoes, these worms invade pets' bodies and wreak havoc on their internal organs and digestive system. Diseases caused by these species of worms can be detrimental to the health of dogs, cats and humans; if left untreated, such conditions have been known to lead to death. Correct dosage of this medication is crucial in avoiding under or over-medicating. Pet owners must ensure they purchase the recommended dosage based on the weight of their pets.

In addition to easily administered HeartGard for dogs, the company also provides cheap prices for Revolution Cats, which is another popular heart worm prevention medication. Contrary to HeartGard, Revolution is a topical medication applied to the skin. Renowned for controlling ear mites, fleas, heart worms and various other parasites, pet owners must adhere to correct dosage of this treatment as well. Packages are available for all ages and sizes of felines and canines.'s spokesperson noted the company offers the best prices online for Advantage Cats. When used correctly and consistently, this product is acclaimed for quickly eliminating fleas and ticks, preventing the discomfort and illnesses caused by these pests. Their website provides a helpful chart and guidelines for ensuring proper dosage for both dogs and cats. Other top brands for flea and tick protection are also available.

Concluded the company spokesperson, "Due to our prices and selection, we have become known as the best place to buy HeartGard online, as well as other top medications for keeping pets and their owners happy and safe. Pet health is our top priority, and we take pride in providing the best selection and the lowest prices available in the pet supply market."

Established in 1995, has currently shipped more than 1 million pet supply packages to customers around the world. Affordable pet health is their passion, and their goal is to provide access to the most highly recommended medications at the lowest possible prices.