Announces Consolidated Credit as Their Top-Rated Debt Consolidation Company

Ranked against 12 critical criteria points Consolidated Credit stood out against other debt consolidation companies as the best option for most consumers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- Consolidated Credit has been named the top debt consolidation company by (BDC) based on the evaluation of 12 calculated criteria points.

BDC reviews debt related companies specializing in debt-settlement, debt-consolidation, debt-management and tax relief companies. 107 debt-related companies have been reviewed by BDC, including 27 specialized consolidation companies.

Consolidated Credit (profile found here: excels in their review due to their reasonable upfront price, monthly costs, a helpful site, reputable business practices and length of time in business. Established in 1993, they have over 20 years in the industry and have satisfied over five million customers during that time. Their A+ Better Business Bureau rating is additional evidence of their ability to satisfy customer needs.

“Consolidated handled all of our accounts and managed to reduce our minimum payments, almost eliminate our interest, and ultimately helped me to pay off all of my debt,” BDC visitor, Kasey, said. “They were professional and friendly throughout the entire experience. Three years later I am happy to announce that we are debt free and we just purchased our first home.”

In addition to outstanding services, Consolidated Credit overall score was boosted by the amount of debt education material provided on their site. Customer or not, Consolidated Credit provides resources that can help consumers navigate their way through the debt landscape. They also provide free debt consultations for anyone needing help.

Consolidated Credit’s key offering, debt consolidation, involves taking each of a customer’s separate debts and combining them into a single debt with the lowest possible interest rate. In addition to this service, Consolidated Credit offers credit counseling, debt management programs, and other services to assist customers with their debt.

About Consolidated Credit
BDC recently updated their debt consolidation company review criteria, removing two outdated criteria and adding three additional standards. Companies are now judged according to their certifications, including ISO certification and whether or not their credit counselors are CPFCC accredited, and if they provide their customers an online dashboards to monitor their account.

“We are constantly reviewing our ranking criteria, trying to get inside the mind of our site visitors and making sure we answer the questions most important to them,” site manager, John Toolson, said. “We believe it forces these organizations to compete on a level playing field. Companies like Consolidated Credit are taking note and adapting their services to better meet their customers’ needs.”

Consumers can read Consumer Credit’s full review by visiting

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