Announces Overhauled Ranking Criteria

Debt consolidation, management and settlement company reviews undergo major updates


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- (BDC) released updated reviews for more than 60 companies this week based on the addition of several new criteria.

The update incorporated additional ranking criteria for both debt settlement companies (reviews can be found here and debt management and consolidation companies (reviews can be found here Each category received three additional criteria that factored into each company’s overall score.

“We feel it's important to regularly step back and reevaluate our review process with the consumer in mind,” BDC site manager, Mike Steele, said. “We feel this update is an exciting opportunity to provide more value to our customers.”

The first criteria added to both sets of reviews, debt settlement companies and debt management and consolidation companies, regarded whether or not each site offers an online dashboard.

“Accountability is a big deal in service industries like this,” Steele said. “We’ve been seeing dashboards pop up around the industry, and they’ve really improved the customer’s ability to monitor what happening with their debt.”

Other updates focused on employee certification, business accreditation and the total amount of debt resolved for debt settlement companies. Each of these criteria plays an important role in building credibility for debt relief companies reviewed. It is important for consumers to be able to ensure a company is dependable before entrusting them with their financial situation.

A detailed explanation of the criteria changes made can be found at

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Media Contact:
Mike Steele | BDC Site Manager