Joe Bragg Releases Picks for the World's Best Hunting Knives and Accessories


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Hunting is one of the oldest activities known to man. For tens of thousands of years, humankind survived simply by hunting for food. Today, hunting is more of a fun pastime than a necessity, but that hasn’t stopped hunting enthusiasts from constantly searching for the latest and greatest hunting technology.

One website aims to be known as one of the most authoritative hunting gear websites on the internet. That website is, where visitors will find a selection of some of the best hunting knives and hunting knife accessories available on the market today.

The website recently released its choices for the best hunting knives sold today. Instead of picking one hunting knife to rule them all, the website acknowledges that people need hunting knives for a wide variety of different circumstances, which is why it chose different hunting knives for different categories.

As a spokesperson for explains, choosing the best hunting knife wasn’t an easy process:

“There are so many good hunting knife brands available around the world today, and the internet has made it easier than ever to order any of them. We narrowed our picks down to products from Gerber, KA-BAR, Cold Steel, Kershaw, and a handful of other companies.”

For those who have never ordered a hunting knife before, the website also features an in-depth description of the different styles and designs of hunting knives available today. The site suggests that drop point knives are a better option than other knife styles, although it all depends on the way in which the user intends to use the weapon.

Drop point blades are good for skinning and field dressing, for example, while Tanto blades are strong, making them ideal for tasks that will put a lot of force on the blade.

Of course, few hunters just walk around with a naked hunting knife. Most people chose to buy a professional hunting knife sheath that can be worn on the body, like around the waist or in another convenient location. That’s why the website also ranked the best hunting knife sheaths available today:

“Sheaths come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. We urge visitors to avoid cheap hunting knife sheaths – it’s only going to shorten the lifespan of a good hunting knife. Today, good hunting knife sheaths are available in traditional materials like nylon as well as more technologically-advanced and protective materials like Kydex. We outline the pros and cons of all of these sheath materials in order to give website visitors a fair comparison of what’s on the market today.”

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