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Bestlosangelesmattresssale Enlightens Readers on 6 Icky Things Hiding in Mattress

Your old mattress probably has a lot more icky things hiding in it than you realize.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- The fact that an old mattress has dust mites in it is well known. But most people don't realize exactly how much other stuff is hiding in the main part of a bed.

"Think about how much time you spend in bed. Think about everything you do in bed. Think about yourself when you get into bed," said Chris Abdou of LA's Mattress Professors. "Everything that is with you and on you is also going into bed with you. It gets into your mattress."

Here are six things that are likely in the average mattress.

Cosmetics. This can be lipstick, lotions, creams and hair products. Chris said if someone puts it on their skin or in their hair, it's going in the mattress. It just rubs off.

Food. Anyone who brings food into bed is leaving some of it there. Microscopic crumbs fall and get pushed into the mattress. These leftover bits provide food for a huge number of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Fungus. Fungus or mold is commonly found in old mattresses. Researchers have found as many as 17 kinds of mold spores in a mattress. It is particularly bad in feather bedding.

Sweat. People sweat. No matter how cold it is, people are still going to perspire. That soaks into the mattress and provides moisture for other things to grow.

Bacteria. The truth is there are more bacteria in the average human than people in the United States. These also get into the mattress. Some are harmful, some neutral and some beneficial.

Allergens. Mattresses are a dumping ground for things that cause allergies. Chris said if you lay down and wake up with clogged sinuses or a headache, chances are very good that it's your mattress causing the problem.

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