Joe Bragg Ranks and Reviews World's Best Music Players and MP3 Players


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Modern technology has given the world a diverse range of music playback solutions. From iPods to MP3 players to tablet computers, there are plenty of music players available today. However, choosing the perfect music player out of all of these devices can be a difficult decision.

That’s a decision that wants to help anyone make. At, visitors will find dozens of reviews for the most popular music players available today. The website is devoted to ranking, reviewing, and comparing top music players from today’s best tech companies.

From world-famous players like the iPod to discount players from lesser known manufacturers, the website covers all sorts of different devices. A spokesperson for explains how visitors can use the website:

“We’ve designed our site to be as easy as possible for people to use. From our website’s homepage, visitors can click on the size of the MP3 player they need in gigabytes. We recommend choosing a size slightly larger than the size of your existing media library. That way, the MP3 player has room for all your songs and more. After choosing the size they need, visitors can read reviews for a number of different MP3 players in that size. The ultimate goal is to guide someone into purchasing the best music player for his or her unique needs.”

Meanwhile, those who aren’t picky about size can also click on different MP3 player categories based on the brand they want to buy - like SanDisk, Coby, Microsoft Zune, or the Apple iPod. features MP3 player reviews for dozens of different types of devices, including the classic Apple iPod and lesser-known discount players like the SanDisk Sansa Clip+. Each review describes the pros and cons of the player along with its best current online pricing.

Since the iPod is the most popular music player available today, the website has reviewed each different type of iPod available today, including the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. Visitors can also read reviews for iPod cases and iPod docking stations.

Whether searching for a premium music player or a discount set of headphones, aims to connect visitors with the best music players and accessories available today.

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