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BestOnlineCollege.org Creates Directory for Online Learning Outlets


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- With university tuition fees on the up, and the global recession still deeply engrained in the minds and bank balances of Americans, college is increasingly beginning to seem less like an absolutely necessity and more like an expensive indulgence of questionable practical application. Many are seeking alternatives to the traditional college education, including part-time and online courses. BestOnlineCollege.org has been launched to provide a detailed resource for those students who are interested in online courses.

Best Online College allows prospective students to discover affordable and cheap online colleges, as well as the best online universities, allowing users to set their own priorities in their search. The tone of the site takes a friendly, no-nonsense approach designed to appeal to prospective students on their terms, and shares important insights based on a perspective that will resonate with them.

The site features high quality editorialized content explaining the advantages of online courses, including cutting significant commuting and accommodation costs from the very beginning. The search bar allows users to search by level of qualification and field of education, while the featured “Top 5” shows the best online colleges and comes with a degree recommendation button to suggest their best available courses. The sidebar also features schools which, when clicked, display a biography of the institution and a further information form.

Whether looking for a Masters in accounting, a nursing course, a degree in computer forensics or a paralegal degree, Best Online College can provide high quality online alternatives to expensive college tuitions.

A spokesperson for the site was keen to explain that online college courses are not necessarily of a reduced quality when compared to traditional approaches:

“Online colleges put prospective instructors through the same rigorous vetting process that traditional schools use to screen their applicants. What this means for the students is they get the same quality education as traditional colleges, but in a more convenient way. Our site allows students to explore many options and gain an understanding of the process of learning online as well as which institutions will fit best with their requirements.”

About Best Online College
Best Online College is a website dedicated to providing detailed information about accredited online learning outlets, enabling prospective students to investigate possibilities impartially and side-by-side, without the need to visit and investigate each college’s web presence individually. For more information please visit: http://www.bestonlinecollege.org/