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Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- One of the greatest advantages of the Internet is doing at a distance what would once have had to be done locally. There are not many situations where this could be more advantageous than learning. Previously in order to gain a degree, it would be necessary to physically attend a university. Now, in these electronically connected times, it’s possible to earn a degree wherever you are, no matter how remote or removed the student is. It’s even possible to earn a degree from the other side of the world.

One website making waves in the distance learning arena is BestOnlineCollege.org, a website showcasing the most reputable and advantageous online universities. These institutions all accept students who wish to earn a degree off campus.

BestOnlineCollege.org takes on the responsibility of sifting though the vast number of online colleges for readers, presenting an abridged list of the legit online colleges. This is an invaluable service for readers, saving huge amounts of time by identifying the best online colleges.

Full details are given for each of the colleges on the site, with comprehensive information about the education given and how satisfied current students have been with their experiences. There are also details about the range of courses offered, and the physical location of the college.

In addition to the information about affordable online colleges, there is also a blog containing useful editorial content about education and career options. This will prove extremely useful to any site visitor who is contemplating the future of their career.

A spokesperson for the site said: “There are a huge number of distance learning opportunities out there, from a vast amount of different institutions. The choice can be pretty mesmerizing, and all courses and online colleges are not created equal. Sadly there are far too many colleges out there offering qualifications that are of little benefit to the recipient. Here at BestOnlineCollege.org we decided to collate a list of all the most reputable and reliable institutions that are offering degrees online. As well a list of recommended colleges and information about them, we also provide careers advice on a wide range of subjects. We aim to create a site where prospective students can find the reliable information that they need.”

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BestOnlineColleges.org is a website where visitors can find information about distance learning opportunities and careers guidance.

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