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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Nurses remain in high demand even as many industries are struggling in the current economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for registered nurses from 2010-2020 is excellent. This career field is expected to grow 26%. For licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, the field is expected to grow at 22%. This is in addition to job growth for nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and other nursing careers. Helping students enter these fields, Best Online Nursing Programs offers information and reviews on nursing programs in the United States.

"Anyone who loves to help others live life to the fullest," Emma Holmes, media contact for Best Online Nursing Programs, explains, "may wish to pursue a career in nursing as this industry allows him or her to do exactly this. Finding a school to help students achieve this dream is what we strive to do. We offer trusted reviews on the top Accredited Nursing Degree Programs for those interested in nursing along with job descriptions and the education needed for each career. We make it easy for students to find the school and the program that meets their needs while helping them to live their dreams. To assist students in paying for their education, we also provide information about scholarships."

Nursing careers vary greatly. Some nurses take on general duties such as providing direct patient care in medical settings. Others specialize in a particular area such as oncology, acute care or surgery. "No matter which type of nursing career a student is considering, we have the information he or she needs to ensure they are making the right choice. For each nursing job available, we provide a job description along with a scope of practice. Salary, professional certification, roles and education requirements are covered. If, after viewing this information, a potential student finds a nursing career is not right for him or her, we also cover a variety of other careers in health care," Ms. Holmes goes on to say.

"Once a student has completed his or her education through one of the Top Nursing Schools, finding a job and obtaining insurance will be a top priority," Ms. Holmes continues. "We can be of assistance here also. Topics covered on our site include how to find a nursing job and nursing insurance. Nurses are an important part of any community. Our site is here to help anyone wishing to pursue a career in this field so he or she can begin helping others lead a full, healthy life."

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Best Online Nursing Programs offers information and trusted reviews on the top nursing programs in the United States. In addition, advice on how to become a nurse and the education needed to advance in a nursing career may be found on the site. Nursing schools are covered for both campus based and online nursing programs. Learn about types of nursing careers along with other health care careers and nursing insurance. Use the provided resources to find a job in nursing and learn about scholarships available.