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Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- is a deal finder and coupon code database with a vast amount of online and retail store discounts, easily find the most updated Amazon discount codes along with many other coupons in 2013.

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There already exist more than a few well established coupon and deal finding websites online such as,,and however has something different to offer its visitors that the others do not.

The not only offers discounts such as Amazon coupons but also many list of the best selling merchandise in 2013.

Two marketplaces that have been dominating recently due to consumers favoring its low prices is Ebay and, companies like Bestbuy have continue to lose business because of these two companies no mater how much effort they fight back with. The people have spoken with their wallets and the best deals can be found from the many sellers using Ebay and Amazon. was created to answer the following question, “How do you find the best deals when theres so many people selling the same thing you want to buy on amazon and ebay?” Simple! When searching for something you want to buy you use technology built by that is available for free!

Women lie,men lie, however numbers do not lie. Sure anyone can share their opinion online from their very own experience using a product about the whats the best to buy, however most of the time these reviews are tainted with the person behind the review having their own secret agenda to promote what ever their reviewing which hurts the buyers buying experience.

Its safe to say that a lot that can be found at Walmart and Best Buy can also be found online for sale at ebay and amazon, along with a vast amount of other merchandise that might have never made it into a retail store. brilliantly organizes all this inventory to display the best selling products on ebay and amazon allowing people to see true best selling products in 2013 that is updated by the second based on how many times something has sold.

So to sum it up this fairly new coupon website is your one stop place on finding all the newest discount codes such as amazon coupons and the best deals online updated by buying data not opinion.

When asked why the site was created the administrator of the site responded“I used to spend a lot of hours online searching for coupons that work only to discover theres not too many good coupon websites out there or deal websites, thats when I decided I wanted to make the”

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