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Anyone interested in going on a river cruise, whether they're a first time sailor or a seasoned pro, can find tips and tricks to make their trip more enjoyable by visiting


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- In 2013, nearly 1.7 million UK residents went on a river cruise, with nearly 36% of them going on a river cruise for the first time. One in every eight UK vacation package deals includes river cruises and the cruising industry is one of the fastest growing categories withing the leisure market type.

Many people who are planning a river cruise want to know which one is the best one to go on and what should be done to prepare for their vacation. Although the best one is going to differ for each individual, many find it helpful to visit to learn about some of the top cruises that are available.

Spokesperson James Nixon stated, "Our website offers everything a person needs to know before selecting, booking, and departing on their river cruise adventure. We talk about the best river cruises available, ways to save money, and tips that guarantee they're going to have a fantastic time on vacation."

The website offers comparisons of the top European river cruises and potential cruisers can learn about any cruise under consideration before booking the cruise. This information is invaluable for those who have never been on a cruise before as well as those who have cruised and want to try a new cruise for their next vacation.

Along with detailing the best cruises available, offers river cruise tips catered toward both the newcomer and the seasoned sailor. Tips range from how to plan the cruise, to how to choose which one to go on, to how to prepare for the vacation and ensure everything's ready prior to the departure. Viewers can even learn how to compare the various cruises to find the best one for them.

"We want to offer our viewers all of the information necessary to have the best vacation," stated Nixon. "We want to be sure they're going to be fully prepared, going to choose the right cruise, and going to have the time of their life while they're floating down the river taking in all of the gorgeous sites."

Anyone who is planning to go on a river cruise can check out the information available at or download a free e-book packed with need-to-know information that can help them design their perfect vacation. Everything from making sure the passport will be valid on the sailing date to what to pack for the cruise is available on the website.

About is a website dedicated to the European river cruises and aims to help any potential cruiser find and prepare for their next vacation. The website offers all the information a person will want to know when considering whether booking a river cruise is the right option for the upcoming vacation and determining which one they should book. also has all the information a person will need once the river cruise is booked to make sure the person is going to be well-prepared for the vacation and able to relax.