Bestselling Children's Author Is Giving Away Free Copies of Her Latest Animal Storybook

The first in a series of books telling the story of Henry and his dog Goldie. Henry can talk to animals and travels around the world interviewing some of the most amazing creatures!


Orihuela, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2016 -- Bestselling author Selena Dale at, recently announced that her latest children's book will be given away for free over a 5 day period. The book will be free starting from 16th February 2016 and ending on 20th February 2016.

The book is called "Henry and Goldie Talk to a Polar Bear" and is the first in a series that follow Henry and his dog on their animal adventures. Henry has a special gift that allows him to talk to animals. He travels around the world with his zoologist parents and interviews many different animals in their natural environment.

The books are targeted for parents to read with their preschoolers and for older children to read on their own. The stories are around 60 pages long and packed with colorful real images of animals and easy to read sentences.

Children are fascinated by how animals live, eat, sleep, survive and interact with one another but Selena Dale felt that more needed to be done to keep children focused while reading.

"I created this book series because I received a lot of emails from parents asking me to mix in a fictional story among the true facts about animals…to make things more interesting for the child. So I created Henry and his dog Goldie. While reading these stories your child will not only be entertained with Henry's adventures but also learn about many animals with each book," says Selena Dale, author of a number of other bestselling animal books for kids.

The Henry and Goldie animal books also discuss things like potential endangered species of certain animals, how climate change affects the animals and what we can do to help. The more kids know and understand about the animal planet and nature itself the better chance we have of keeping our Earth safe.

"The appeal of the "Henry and Goldie Animal Adventure Series" is that children can read along with their parents, learn about so many different types of animals AND be entertained all at once," Selena added.

So far there are 5 books in the series where Henry interviews animals including a polar bear, shark, tiger, tortoise and an elephant. Selena promises that there are many more animal books in the series to come with three more in the pipeline already.

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Selena is a bestselling author of more than 30 children's books that focus on teaching kids about animals. You can download your free copy of "Henry and Goldie Talk to a Polar Bear" from Amazon or just visit Selena's website at You may also contact her at

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