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Bestselling Vitamin C Serum Now Extends the Benefits of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Power packed duo to fight visible signs of aging


Rosamond, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- It is tremendous to witness the effects of Vitamin C and Swiss apple stem cells on the skin. These two key ingredients can offer the dose of youth to tired, dehydrated skin that is calling for help.

With age, the skin’s ability to produce the right amount of collagen goes down; as a result, the skin loses its ability to appear younger and brighter. In fact, this process starts in the late 20’s and by the time a woman hits her 50’s, she experiences enhanced signs of aging. With the new Charmante Rosie brand Vitamin C Serum with Apple Stem cells, women all over can now reverse the signs of aging and look beautiful while investing in their skin’s health.

The skin on the face being the most sensitive gives away the telltale signs of aging which appear in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Women tend to suffer from wrinkles near the mouth, on the Cupid’s bow, in between the eyebrows which are also known as number 11 lines etc.

All these lines and wrinkles become prominent with the loss of collagen as a woman ages. With the Charmante Rosie brand Vitamin C Serum with Apple Stem cells, the skin can look more youthful as the serum will restore collagen and fight and apparent signs of aging.

Research indicates that Swiss apple stem cells are known to help the skin heal by helping it get rid of any age spots and blemishes. In tandem, both Vitamin C and Swiss apple stem cells can provide a woman with a youthful glow, the look of a well-rested face, the ‘lit from within’ feeling and the sensation of a plumper, hydrated look.

To get this look, women don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist office as they can spend under $35 and buy the Charmante Rosie brand Vitamin C Serum with Apple Stem cells to get the benefits.

About Charmante Rosie brand Vitamin C Serum with Apple Stem cells
The revolutionary new Vitamin C Serum which is now available at a sale price on Amazon is the best investment one can make for their skin’s health. As the serum is potent enough to produce fast results, a little will go a long way.

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