Joe Bragg Release Choices for World's Top 6 Best Stethoscopes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- Most people are familiar with stethoscopes – even if they’ve never used one themselves. Doctors use stethoscopes to monitor the body’s heart rate and breathing ability, among other things, and anyone who has had a physical exam has come into contact with a stethoscope. Those who are taking medical courses, including aspiring nurses and doctors, generally have to purchase their own stethoscope in order to participate in classes.

One website called aims to help visitors find the perfect stethoscope for their needs. The website features a wide range of stethoscope reviews, including a recently released selection of the top 6 best stethoscopes in the world today.

These top 6 stethoscopes are all available through and were chosen based on qualities like price, durability, and quality. At the homepage of, visitors can view a brief overview of each type of stethoscope before reading a detailed stethoscope review below. Stethoscopes are awarded a rating out of five stars based on their acoustics, value, and overall quality.

As a spokesperson for explains, the goal of the website is to make sure anybody can find the perfect stethoscope for their needs:

“Today’s medical students generally need to purchase a stethoscope in order to participate in classes. Every day, aspiring nurses and doctors search for the best stethoscopes online, even though they may not have any idea what they’re looking for. At our website, we explain the exact advantages of different types of stethoscopes before linking visitors to the stethoscope that meets their needs at the right price.”

The number one ranked stethoscope on is called the “Littmann Master Cardiology”. The review for that product states that the stethoscope is made of “rugged stainless steel” and includes a special procedures adapter that can be added to the chest piece for “neonatal and pediatric auscultation”. In addition, the headpiece is “ergonomically designed for comfort and tight fit.”

However, there’s one feature that sealed the deal when choosing the Littman Master Cardiology as the best stethoscope:

“Most stethoscopes have a three year to five year warranty period. The Littman Master Cardiology stethoscope, on the other hand, has a 7 year warranty, which is longer than any other 3M Littmann stethoscopes available today. While it’s priced slightly higher than competing products, we ultimately found this extra cost to be worth it.”

Those interested in purchasing a stethoscope or learning more about stethoscope reviews and features can visit today for more information.

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