Joe Bragg Launches to Help Consumers Identify the Best Survey Programs


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- There are many opportunities to make a little extra money on the side in the age of the internet- many website promise money for completing surveys, but with such a proliferation of this kind of promise, many of these sites now turn out to be scams. Best Surveys For Money is a newly launched website designed to give users reviews on survey sites so they can avoid the traps and start earning cash from reputable sources.

The site is in a simple and easy to follow blog format, with high quality original content in the form of lists and editorials. The “top five sites to take surveys for money” article heads up the homepage, as it gets straight down to business and allows users to immediately find means by which to start making money by taking surveys. These are ranked in order of the reviewer’s preference, and his opinions and justifications are written in the form of conclusions drawn from his practical experience on the sites.

Further content is also provided to elaborate on the history of paid surveys online, and other sites worth mentioning that nevertheless did not meet the top five for those serious about getting the most from these online resources. There is also an articles section with FAQ style long form explanations of the process by which taking surveys for money online can work. There are even payment proofs provided to show that the sites are genuine.

Best Surveys For Money makes MySurvey the number one recommendation due to its high value, high frequency of tests available and open to the international community and anyone over fourteen.

The site’s creator had this to say, “After scouring the net, joining hundreds of different sites, and sorting through the scams and low paying sites, I have finally found what I believe to be the highest paying GPT and best survey sites on the internet. All sites reviewed here are completely legitimate and I have been paid several times by each. Each website provides a real opportunity of working from home whether you're a stay at home mom, part time worker, kids or teenagers of at least 13 years of age, or just a regular person looking to make some extra spending money.”

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