Best Traffic School Inc Revamps Website in Conjunction with New DMV Requirements


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 --, provider of online traffic school courses for the states of California, Nevada, and Virginia, has revamped its website making it more user friendly to correspond with new DMV requirements. Mandated by California Assembly Bill AB2499, online traffic schools now require a DMV license and these schools must send all certificates to the DMV electronically. This system has been embraced by most of the traffic schools as there is now one centralized process. is offering a 24/7 online course which is now DMV-licensed according to the new requirements.

The owner of the Traffic School, Mr. Matt Kaminsky, quoted on the recent changes, “After 12 years of working directly with the courts, we are proud to be DMV licensed under the new system. Previously in California, students faced confusion as every traffic school had different processes for different counties. Now we have a DMV system that has the same process for every online traffic school throughout the state, regardless of the county where the student received his or her citation. We have launched a very user-friendly new website to further ease the process of fulfilling a traffic school requirement. We are providing one of the lowest fees on the internet, and more importantly a course that is carefully designed to help anyone pass. The option of not wasting time in physical classes and instead attending the online course at will is a major reason why our customers prefer our service. Also, our no pass no fee guarantee displays our confidence in the course and reflects the high pass percentage we have.”

The company has been operational since 2000 and has a Traffic School Online course which has been designed by experienced DMV-licensed instructors. The online course is currently DMV licensed and approved for use in California, Nevada and Virginia. CFO Paul Lewin states that with their ongoing success, expanding to other states is in the future plans.

Mr. Kaminsky further quoted on the online course and reason for the high pass percentage, “We designed our course with everyday people in mind, knowing that their time is extremely important to them. We understand that most people view traffic school as a task or punishment. So we carefully built a simple, self-paced course without the restriction of timers. Students are free to log in and out according their own schedules and their progress is always saved. Whenever they want to resume they are returned to the exact place they left off. By giving our students this flexibility, we have found that they actually take the time to read all the material and retain the lessons set forth in the DMV required curriculum. And that’s really our goal; to teach something valuable, while making the process as easy as possible. And now that certificates are sent electronically to the court, we’ve eliminated another step for our students, making it even more convenient.”

About is one of the leading companies in providing online traffic school courses. The company has been operational since 2000 and through their online platform,, offers an online 24/7 DMV licensed traffic school course. The company is known for its 24/7 customer support, no pass no fee guarantee, and one of the lowest course fees in the industry.

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