Beta Testers Agree, Tiqqed Ready to Launch

Email Provider Readies for Global Communication Overhaul


London, GB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- For a year, Tiqqed, a new email platform intent on changing the way the world communicates, has been making technical changes based on a long running beta program. Testers agree: Tiqqed is ready to launch. Launching Tiqqed is no simple task, as the company has designed systems to be compatible with ten different languages and operating systems throughout the world.

But, beta tester Mari Sanchez is ready for a full launch. “I’ve been using Tiqqed on a trial basis since early this year. I love getting to know when my emails are opened! My kids can’t say they don’t get my messages anymore,” she says with a smile. This is a common sentiment among Tiqqed users.

Khalil Malek agrees, adding, “When I submit a contract, everybody is on the same page. We know when the attachment was viewed, down to the exact minute of opening.”

“No matter the differences in demographics among our testers, there is one constant: the features Tiqqed offers are superior to any email provider currently available,” says Tiqqed Director of Public Relations, Chuck Catania. “What’s next for Tiqqed after the official launch? Continued improvements in the system, more features, and more languages,” he says simply.

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