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Beta Testers Sought for New Social Media Site for College Students is designed to maximize U.S. students' social lives!


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- One of the web's newest social media sites,, is now seeking beta testers to help refine the new platform, which is dedicated to providing college students with a website where they can connect and enrich their social lives.

“ was created specifically with U.S. college students in mind,” explained RJ Philpot, Founder of Philpot added, “We sought to create a website where students could go to share and discover information about local events and gatherings both on and off campus. It's also a place where coeds can find articles, videos and other content that interests today's students.To get involved with The Campus Party, students must register online. Once the free registration process is complete, students have the opportunity to create a profile page with a virtual chalkboard where they can upload and share with classmates. Members can share anything, ranging from videos and photos, to event listings, meetings, party announcements, along with personal information such as the student's interests and hobbies. Students can locate other students from their college or university campus by entering their school name in the search bar. Members can interact by commenting on each others' chalkboards, so connecting with fellow classmates is simple.

The Campus Party touts a robust, easy-to-use event listing interface, where students can upload basic information about an event. Event listings can be created for a vast array of happenings, such as fundraisers, meetings, school-sponsored events, parties and beyond.

The Campus Party also features a special section for Greek life, where sororities and fraternities can post updates on their virtual chalkboard, detailing their most recent achievements, upcoming events and more. This new social media site, created specifically for college students, also features a games section where students will find info on the best drinking games, card games and more.

“Finding something to do on-campus, off-campus or in the dorms has never been easier!,” Philpot explained, adding, “We've worked to make the platform intuitive, fun and engaging. With many students living off-campus, it's the perfect way to connect with classmates.”

Students who visit The Campus Party will find an array of other features as well, including an events calendar, surveys, videos, and even a shop.

To sign up as a beta tester for The Campus Party or to learn more about the new social media platform,college students can visit Demo Video-

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