Psychology Consultants Now Offers Towards Better Sleep Program to Cure Insomnia


Morningside, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- With a view to help people dealing with sleep problems, Psychology Consultants now offers Towards Better Sleep Program for helping people to have sound sleep. Clinical Psychologist, Kathryn Smith and Psychiatrist, Dr Curt Gray. Kathryn of Psychology Consultants has developed towards better sleep program that helps patients to have sound sleep. This program uses evidence based techniques that correct the faulty thinking and induces relaxation to the patients with sleep problems. Now people who are suffering from Insomnia can benefit from this advanced sleeping program. Insomnia or sleeping problems lead to many health problems, including anxiety and depression. Chronic can't sleep problems can lead to psychological distress, Fatigueness which results in error making or accidents, impairment in daytime functioning, and many more such problems.

According to the sleep health foundation, research reveals that 60-90% of patients with depression have insomnia and about 20 percent people deal with depression and have Apnoea. The Harvard mental health newsletter also emphasised on sleep problems and they further revealed that sleeping problem may contribute to psychiatric disorders.

Talking more about the same, one of their representatives stated, “Towards Better Sleep was established over 10 years ago by Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Smith and Psychiatrist Dr Curt Gray. Kathryn is a Clinical Psychologist and co-director of Psychology Consultants and Dr Curt Gray is an experienced Psychiatrist and sleep specialist in public and private practice. Towards Better Sleep is a cognitive behavioural treatment programme that uses evidenced based techniques that focus on sleep education and behavioural techniques, correcting faulty thinking and relaxation strategies. The group is held in 4 x 1 hour sessions at Psychology Consultant’s Morningside practice.”

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