Betty Antonio-Andrews and Team Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for the Making of Their Upcoming Movie "The Maids of Havana"

This is the story of an Afro-Cuban maid's battle over class, privilege, and power in pre and post revolutionary Cuba.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The Namaskar Group of Miami is proud to present the feature film adaptation of Pedro-Perez Sarduy's novel “The Maids of Havana”.

It's an important story. The film's subject is as relevant as ever. Motion pictures such as The Help and The Butler unearthed a distinct human experience in history once buried or suppressed from public consciousness.

Marta’s story is the black woman’s journey. It’s the narrative of many courageous and creative women of African descent who, collectively, are responsible for the survival of black people in the new world. Marta refused to relinquish her dignity and self esteem in spite of her limited economic options. In the tradition of black heroines, her singular achievement became her people’s triumph.

It's the story of a woman who triumphs against inequality during political upheaval. Black Afro-Cubans number only 11% of the island's population -- a little less than the African American population. One quarter of Cuba's people are mixed race -- the 'mulattos' and 'mestizos'. White Europeans are the controlling majority.

The Maids of Havana reveals in its narrative how each of Cuba's three primary ethnic groups daily perform a delicate dance.

This film is about cultural recognition and, eventually, the elevation of an entire community. With adequate funding help, the makers of this movie can breathe life into this story of Marta, who though poor, is rich with a resilient spirit. This film displays grit, industriousness, endurance and the influential music of the era.

The overall funding budget for this campaign is $200,000.

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