Beverage Container Belt Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise $40,000 to help with the production and the marketing of the Beverage Container Belt.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- The Beverage Container Belt has become big news in America at a time when people are becoming more eco-friendly. The modern day invention allows people to carry water around with them without the need for plastic bottles and other less friendly products

Health experts have said people need to drink more water, especially in warm weather, but the thought of carrying around a plastic bottle and then finding somewhere to depose of that bottle when empty can be a problem. Now, there is a more eco-friendly way of keeping healthy and carrying around water, thanks to the Beverage Container Belt. With its design and being comfortable to wear and not forgetting how stylish it looks, it allows people to carry around water with them around their waist.

Gadget experts and health experts have called the Beverage Container Belt an amazing and much needed invention, however, the belt which is able to carry around 24 oz to 36 oz of liquid and can include water, juices, etc., needs backing. The makers behind the belt have launched a crowdfunding campaign where they are looking for $40,000 to put the belt into production and market the product.

The Beverage Container Belt has so many different uses from being used for sports people and marathon runners, to being used by emergency services when people have got lost, or for people going to the gym and do not want to carry around plastic bottles. With all the many uses the belt has to offer, it is being described as one of the most useful new products available. However, without the backing and without the production, it will be a long time before the belt is available on the market.

The company behind the belt want people to support their invention and help raise the money needed to get it into the shops. For people who want to support The Beverage Container Belt and learn more about the product, please visit here

About The Beverage Container Belt
The Beverage Container Belt is a new product that can carry water and other liquids without the use of plastic bottles.